The Incredible Service Reward System!

IMG_2220What are the rewards that you want the most? Family? Fulfillment? Money? Success? Relationships? Knowledge? Think on this, and be specific! Our thoughts become our reality!

How do we get these rewards? The answer is simple! All the rewards we receive in this lifetime are equal to how much we are serving others. When Einstein was asked, “Why are we here?” He replied, “We are here to serve one another only.” We learn in Galatians that a man reaps what he sows. We sow most effectively by serving others. Every reward which brings us joy and happiness comes as a result of having served others. We all serve in some way, or we do not reap a harvest! We must sow in order to reap. The extent of our sowing will determine the quality of our harvest.

It is easy to assess how much someone is serving others by simply taking inventory of their rewards. It may be humbling but pull in your driveway, take a look at your home, your family, your vehicle, your yard, or anything that is of value to you! This is a snapshot of how much you are serving your community! If you are unhappy with it, then think about how are you going to serve others more?

There are plenty of ways to serve others, and this is absolutely not exclusive to just within your job. But, your career is a great place to start! What is it that you love to do? There are endless possibilities in every profession or the things you enjoy to create all of the rewards you could dream! For example, Mark Cuban loved basketball, and he wanted to catch every game his team played. He found a way to bring audio through the internet so he could listen to his team live and sold it to Yahoo for over a billion dollars! He was rewarded greatly because the ability to have sound through the internet serves hundreds of millions if not billions every single day! What a service! If you are a janitor, is there an improved cleaning product you can come up with? Serving is not limited. How can you serve the world more in your current role? More importantly, how can you serve the world doing something you love?

This service reward system certainly is not as simple or limited as work at your job and receive an income. It is a much more complex, much more rewarding and enjoyable system! Serving others never goes unnoticed! You will be rewarded for your service to others every time even if it is unknown and unseen. There is a greater power controlling this system! In my experience, this great law rewards very specifically with things from which you receive the most special pleasure and joy! You cannot out serve this system! Serve others and the harvest will come… likely with a greater return.

The most meaningful rewards to me are my family. And man, the rewards are great! I have been fortunate to find a way to serve doing something I love. I get to work with human potential, and primarily with children with neurological conditions at the physical therapy clinic. It is likely, when you find the method of serving that God has set aside for you, you will often ask yourself “I really get paid to do this?!” Yet, the rewards will keep coming! As Earl Nightingale said, “All our rewards all the days of our lives are equal to our service to others.”IMG_4494

Although the previous paragraphs touched on my beliefs of the service reward system on earth, it is important to me to make clear the most important use of this system in the Reed household. We are here to serve God! And Jesus will always be my greatest reward and proudest reward!

“Thank you God for a strong mind and a strong body that allows me to serve! Thank you for all my rewards here on earth, but most importantly thank you for my Salvation through Jesus Christ!”


The 3 Most Inspiring Things I’ve learned this week. (Week 2)

1. Gratitude increases dopamine and serotonin levels in the brain. These are key neurotransmitters that give us feelings of contentment. If we are grateful more often, the happiness-producing neural pathways strengthen and grow just as exercise strengthens the body. This process makes it easier for us to experience positive emotions including interest, excitement, joy and pride! “Good attracts Good!”





3.  Power of words: In a 1996 study, students were asked to form sentences out of words they were provided. One group was provided random words, and the other group was provided words such as forgetful, old, wrinkled, bald and gray. Both groups were secretly monitored and timed coming in and leaving the room. The students with the “old” words were noted as having a decrease in walking speed and were slower than the “random word” group. The suggestion of old age, just the merest idea processed on an unconscious level, led to a reflexive response that had them display the physical behavior of the elderly! “What words are you feeding your mind?”


“Thank you God for continued learning, and an abundance of teachers in my life!”

Fear vs. Prosperity


If you watch any news channel, log on to any social media, or listen to your buddies talk, you likely think our world and our country are going downhill. You have been led to believe that violence is at an all-time high and that it is more difficult than ever to win financially.

The devil has been studying human psychology since the beginning of time. He has an incredible grasp on how to lead us to believe we cannot win. Our brains, when not properly used, only function to survive. Our subconscious mind seeks out what it believes to be dangerous, and in turn, makes decisions with only the thought of keeping us alive and comfortable. Our subconscious mind is like our brains auto-pilot. It makes the majority of the decisions for us and we do not even realize this is happening within our own head. If we do not intentionally make a choice to go after our success, our brain will decide for us to do what is most comfortable. The devil is well aware of how this process works and uses it against us to keep us from reaching our highest good. If you feed your subconscious brain today’s media, then it is certainly going to make only fear-based decisions.

I believe the devil’s most powerful tool he currently uses is the media. He uses this outlet to flood us with information that is complete bullshit! We are being brainwashed. And once brainwashed, our subconscious brain continues to make decisions for us that are fear-based and greatly inhibit our ability to succeed.

Here is the truth. Your chances of dying a violent death are 1/500th of what they were in the Middle Ages (5th to 15th century). A 99.8% decrease in violence has taken place since that time period! If that is too far back for you, here are the last 25 years of statistics showing people affected by violent crime in America.

1990: 750 out of 100,000

1995: 685 out of 100,000

2000: 505 out of 100,000

2005: 470 out of 100,000

2010: 405 out of 100,000

2015: 380 out of 100,000


Violent crimes, which were already low in numbers, have been cut in half in just my lifetime. There is a 0.0038 chance you will be affected by a violent crime. In comparison there is a 9% chance you will become a millionaire in your lifetime. You are 237 times more likely to have a million dollars or more than to be violently attacked. Why are we focusing on violence and not prosperity?!

These are the safest times in human history! Do not let the devil/media convince you otherwise. This is a world worth enjoying, and life is a gift in itself!

So how about prosperity? Despite what the media and your brother-in-law tell you, you are one of the wealthiest people walking this wonderful planet! Here is the truth:

-Over 70% of the world’s population makes less than $2,000 per year

-15% of the population makes between $2,000 and $20,000 per year

-The remaining 15% of the population makes over $20,000 per year.

So, if you are reading this, chances are good that you have already been separated to the top 15% of the world as far as wealth is concerned.

Let’s go a little further. The average annual income in the world in 2016 was determined to be $9,733. Feeling better about yourself? One in ten people live off of less than $2 per day.

If you are making an income of $34,000 a year, you are in the top 1% of income earners on earth.

You are one of the richest people on this planet, and you are absolutely winning financially!

The rest of the world is improving as well. Over the past fifteen years, the number of people living in poverty has been cut in half! The United Nations has an ongoing project that involves making sure that every child on Earth has the access to an education. They have managed cut the number of children unable to receive an education in half in the past 15 years with a projection that every child will be able to get an education by 2030. The population continues to grow, yet the number suffering continues to decrease. The media does not want you to know this! This world is wonderful and only getting better.

I could go on, but you get the point. We are living in the safest, most prosperous times in human history! We are winning at an unbelievable level. Let’s be grateful for it! Your subconscious brain primarily functions to store and retrieve data, and this is an automatic process. What data are you feeding it? We are certainly called to do more than just survive!


“Thank you God for letting me roam the earth during such a wonderful time, I will do my best to take full advantage of it!”


The 3 Most Inspiring Things I’ve Learned this week


  1. Pastor Tom Lowe: “All ground is level at the foot of the cross. That is to say, all people born of God have equal status before God and direct access to their Lord!” I love this! This means you have just as much power in your prayer as the people whose faith you admire, the elders in your church or even your pastor! No matter who you are, God hears you loud and clear and is just as excited to help you as the most mighty men and women of God.


  1. Jessi: “ God’s ideas for our life will almost never match what we are trying to do in our lives without Him. God’s ideas for my life are not filtered through my limiting beliefs, judgements, or attachments—they aren’t from the same source. We have to believe in abundance and plentitude. In everything God has created, there is always abundance. When we are drawing from the infinite, there is always more. We can never be afraid of taking more. We fail to see our own richness—our birthright. There is no reason I should live behind a boundary of scarcity!” –Paul Martinelli


  1. A newborn is able to see twelve to eighteen inches away. Old learn, new thoughts. Twelve to eighteen inches is the distance from the breast to a mother’s face. God wanted the baby to connect with their mother right away. I believe the 6″ variation they found in the children was to match the varying heights of each child’s mother. I thought this was a wonderful reminder that we are by perfect design by a perfect Creator.


 “Thank you God for continued learning and an abundance of teachers in my life!”

Your thoughts become your reality!


    Lately, I have been extremely inspired by the idea of how much more God has and wants for us! I believe we left heaven with the power to get these resources along with the hopes and wishes from God that we do attain them. The power is within our limitless minds, and we simply have to stay plugged into that power source. Our brains leaving heaven are like highpower computers leaving the Apple Store. Just as the computer must be plugged into the electricity to reach its potential, our faith is our “electricity and internet”. As a Christian, it is important to me to state that God is my power source. I often talk about the power of the universe, but to me, they are one in the same. Imagine I owned a business “JWR Inc.” The business then donated a large sum of money to you. You could say “JWR Inc” gave me the money, or you could say John-Wesley gave me the money. That is the relationship I see with God and the universe.  The universe is God’s Buisness, and it is simply amazing! 

    Although I get my faith and hope from God, I believe the mind we left heaven with can grant you all that you wish simply by controlling what you think about. To say I am a strong believer in “Thoughts become things” is an understatement. To have an abundance of whatever it is that we want, we must first make it a reality in our minds. You can find this truth in the New Testament, in the sayings of Buddha, in a large percentage of success/personal growth books, and all the way back to Egyptian scripts in stone. 

    Your thoughts are the most powerful force in the universe. When you learn to control what you think about, you can make your life whatever you wish. Whenever we remove all the garbage that is hate, racism, depression, anxiety, fear, etc. we begin to open ourselves up for thinking miracles to occur. This is why it is important to pay close attention to what your feeding you’re brain. “Garbage in, Garbage out”. Are you continuously watching the awful news about how terrible our world is, or do you spend a large portion of your time with negative people who tell you that you cannot win? If that’s what you’re putting in your brain, that is what it will put out. The universe does not differentiate for you, it simply gives you what you give it.

    How do you think about the world? Is the world bad? Is there a scarcity of money? Do people lie and steal? If you think that, that is likely the truth you are receiving. When you think that way, the universe simply says “as you wish” and makes it happen for you. Have you ever heard anyone say “I knew something bad was going to happen” or “I knew I would strike out” or “this relationship never had a chance” or “I knew I was going to catch the stomach bug if I went around them”? They did not predict that, they created it!!! I will say it again, “We become what we think about”.

The truth is that God, who owns and controls everything you want in the entire world, loves you deeply and wants you to have it! There is an abundance of money, an abundance of fulfilling jobs, and an abundance of happiness and knowledge and rewards that he wants you to have. We just simply have to have faith that he will provide it. If you have children think about it like this: your child wants something so badly it keeps them up at night. They are anxious, afraid, and upset. The something that they want, you own all of them. Yet, your child doesn’t believe they can have it, so they never ask you for it. That’s what we are dealing with, with the universe. We must simply believe it is ours and be grateful for it, and the universe will get out of our way so we can have it.

We all become what we think about, and it is a shame so few of us think in a way that is conducive to living up to our true potential. At this very moment, the job you have, the relationships you have, and the success you have are all the sum total of all your thoughts up to this point. Are you pleased? If not, what are you going to start thinking about? Positive thoughts become a positive image of one’s self and soon that positive image will manifest positive results!

I challenge you to start small with this. When you go to Walmart this week, the whole ride there, think about the front row parking place you are going to get and feel grateful for it. Or it could be as simple as catching no red lights on the way to work today. Or, try giving someone in need some money. Give them $10, for example, and then pay close attention to how quickly the universe returns you a gift that is greater than $10. It is as simple as believing you have it and feeling grateful for it. Also, once the universe gives it to you be grateful for it as well. Often, we don’t even recognize the gift. Starting small will make you understand how powerful your thoughts are and you can slowly progress to more important things.

   Again, I cannot end this post without sharing my faith.  I believe the universe will give you whatever it is that you want if you believe in your mind you can have it, and you are grateful for it. I also believe what we want is often not nearly as great as what God has for us. For example, my son, who is three, really does not want to return to school after summer. He thinks staying home and playing with his toys is his highest good. But as his father, who loves him very much, I have much greater plans for him. This is also true for the plans God has for us. Although I really want great wealth and prosperity right now, and I know I can manifest it, there are likely lessons God wants me to learn along the way to reach my highest good. This is the one I have to ask God’s provision and wisdom on often because it is something that I feel would immediately give me more free time with my family. I am sure there is something similar that comes to mind for you.

“Thank you God for the powerful mind you have gifted me! Thank you for the freedom and power to co-create my reality, as well as the provision to make this reality my highest good!”