Your thoughts become your reality!


    Lately, I have been extremely inspired by the idea of how much more God has and wants for us! I believe we left heaven with the power to get these resources along with the hopes and wishes from God that we do attain them. The power is within our limitless minds, and we simply have to stay plugged into that power source. Our brains leaving heaven are like highpower computers leaving the Apple Store. Just as the computer must be plugged into the electricity to reach its potential, our faith is our “electricity and internet”. As a Christian, it is important to me to state that God is my power source. I often talk about the power of the universe, but to me, they are one in the same. Imagine I owned a business “JWR Inc.” The business then donated a large sum of money to you. You could say “JWR Inc” gave me the money, or you could say John-Wesley gave me the money. That is the relationship I see with God and the universe.  The universe is God’s Buisness, and it is simply amazing! 

    Although I get my faith and hope from God, I believe the mind we left heaven with can grant you all that you wish simply by controlling what you think about. To say I am a strong believer in “Thoughts become things” is an understatement. To have an abundance of whatever it is that we want, we must first make it a reality in our minds. You can find this truth in the New Testament, in the sayings of Buddha, in a large percentage of success/personal growth books, and all the way back to Egyptian scripts in stone. 

    Your thoughts are the most powerful force in the universe. When you learn to control what you think about, you can make your life whatever you wish. Whenever we remove all the garbage that is hate, racism, depression, anxiety, fear, etc. we begin to open ourselves up for thinking miracles to occur. This is why it is important to pay close attention to what your feeding you’re brain. “Garbage in, Garbage out”. Are you continuously watching the awful news about how terrible our world is, or do you spend a large portion of your time with negative people who tell you that you cannot win? If that’s what you’re putting in your brain, that is what it will put out. The universe does not differentiate for you, it simply gives you what you give it.

    How do you think about the world? Is the world bad? Is there a scarcity of money? Do people lie and steal? If you think that, that is likely the truth you are receiving. When you think that way, the universe simply says “as you wish” and makes it happen for you. Have you ever heard anyone say “I knew something bad was going to happen” or “I knew I would strike out” or “this relationship never had a chance” or “I knew I was going to catch the stomach bug if I went around them”? They did not predict that, they created it!!! I will say it again, “We become what we think about”.

The truth is that God, who owns and controls everything you want in the entire world, loves you deeply and wants you to have it! There is an abundance of money, an abundance of fulfilling jobs, and an abundance of happiness and knowledge and rewards that he wants you to have. We just simply have to have faith that he will provide it. If you have children think about it like this: your child wants something so badly it keeps them up at night. They are anxious, afraid, and upset. The something that they want, you own all of them. Yet, your child doesn’t believe they can have it, so they never ask you for it. That’s what we are dealing with, with the universe. We must simply believe it is ours and be grateful for it, and the universe will get out of our way so we can have it.

We all become what we think about, and it is a shame so few of us think in a way that is conducive to living up to our true potential. At this very moment, the job you have, the relationships you have, and the success you have are all the sum total of all your thoughts up to this point. Are you pleased? If not, what are you going to start thinking about? Positive thoughts become a positive image of one’s self and soon that positive image will manifest positive results!

I challenge you to start small with this. When you go to Walmart this week, the whole ride there, think about the front row parking place you are going to get and feel grateful for it. Or it could be as simple as catching no red lights on the way to work today. Or, try giving someone in need some money. Give them $10, for example, and then pay close attention to how quickly the universe returns you a gift that is greater than $10. It is as simple as believing you have it and feeling grateful for it. Also, once the universe gives it to you be grateful for it as well. Often, we don’t even recognize the gift. Starting small will make you understand how powerful your thoughts are and you can slowly progress to more important things.

   Again, I cannot end this post without sharing my faith.  I believe the universe will give you whatever it is that you want if you believe in your mind you can have it, and you are grateful for it. I also believe what we want is often not nearly as great as what God has for us. For example, my son, who is three, really does not want to return to school after summer. He thinks staying home and playing with his toys is his highest good. But as his father, who loves him very much, I have much greater plans for him. This is also true for the plans God has for us. Although I really want great wealth and prosperity right now, and I know I can manifest it, there are likely lessons God wants me to learn along the way to reach my highest good. This is the one I have to ask God’s provision and wisdom on often because it is something that I feel would immediately give me more free time with my family. I am sure there is something similar that comes to mind for you.

“Thank you God for the powerful mind you have gifted me! Thank you for the freedom and power to co-create my reality, as well as the provision to make this reality my highest good!”



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