The 3 Most Inspiring Things I’ve Learned this week


  1. Pastor Tom Lowe: “All ground is level at the foot of the cross. That is to say, all people born of God have equal status before God and direct access to their Lord!” I love this! This means you have just as much power in your prayer as the people whose faith you admire, the elders in your church or even your pastor! No matter who you are, God hears you loud and clear and is just as excited to help you as the most mighty men and women of God.IMG_2402.PNG


  1. Jessi: “ God’s ideas for our life will almost never match what we are trying to do in our lives without Him. God’s ideas for my life are not filtered through my limiting beliefs, judgements, or attachments—they aren’t from the same source. We have to believe in abundance and plentitude. In everything God has created, there is always abundance. When we are drawing from the infinite, there is always more. We can never be afraid of taking more. We fail to see our own richness—our birthright. There is no reason I should live behind a boundary of scarcity!” –Paul Martinelli


  1. A newborn is able to see twelve to eighteen inches away. Old learn, new thoughts. Twelve to eighteen inches is the distance from the breast to a mother’s face. God wanted the baby to connect with their mother right away. I believe the 6″ variation they found in the children was to match the varying heights of each child’s mother. I thought this was a wonderful reminder that we are by perfect design by a perfect Creator.


 “Thank you God for continued learning and an abundance of teachers in my life!”



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