The Incredible Service Reward System!

IMG_2220What are the rewards that you want the most? Family? Fulfillment? Money? Success? Relationships? Knowledge? Think on this, and be specific! Our thoughts become our reality!

How do we get these rewards? The answer is simple! All the rewards we receive in this lifetime are equal to how much we are serving others. When Einstein was asked, “Why are we here?” He replied, “We are here to serve one another only.” We learn in Galatians that a man reaps what he sows. We sow most effectively by serving others. Every reward which brings us joy and happiness comes as a result of having served others. We all serve in some way, or we do not reap a harvest! We must sow in order to reap. The extent of our sowing will determine the quality of our harvest.

It is easy to assess how much someone is serving others by simply taking inventory of their rewards. It may be humbling but pull in your driveway, take a look at your home, your family, your vehicle, your yard, or anything that is of value to you! This is a snapshot of how much you are serving your community! If you are unhappy with it, then think about how are you going to serve others more?

There are plenty of ways to serve others, and this is absolutely not exclusive to just within your job. But, your career is a great place to start! What is it that you love to do? There are endless possibilities in every profession or the things you enjoy to create all of the rewards you could dream! For example, Mark Cuban loved basketball, and he wanted to catch every game his team played. He found a way to bring audio through the internet so he could listen to his team live and sold it to Yahoo for over a billion dollars! He was rewarded greatly because the ability to have sound through the internet serves hundreds of millions if not billions every single day! What a service! If you are a janitor, is there an improved cleaning product you can come up with? Serving is not limited. How can you serve the world more in your current role? More importantly, how can you serve the world doing something you love?

This service reward system certainly is not as simple or limited as work at your job and receive an income. It is a much more complex, much more rewarding and enjoyable system! Serving others never goes unnoticed! You will be rewarded for your service to others every time even if it is unknown and unseen. There is a greater power controlling this system! In my experience, this great law rewards very specifically with things from which you receive the most special pleasure and joy! You cannot out serve this system! Serve others and the harvest will come… likely with a greater return.

The most meaningful rewards to me are my family. And man, the rewards are great! I have been fortunate to find a way to serve doing something I love. I get to work with human potential, and primarily with children with neurological conditions at the physical therapy clinic. It is likely, when you find the method of serving that God has set aside for you, you will often ask yourself “I really get paid to do this?!” Yet, the rewards will keep coming! As Earl Nightingale said, “All our rewards all the days of our lives are equal to our service to others.”IMG_4494

Although the previous paragraphs touched on my beliefs of the service reward system on earth, it is important to me to make clear the most important use of this system in the Reed household. We are here to serve God! And Jesus will always be my greatest reward and proudest reward!

“Thank you God for a strong mind and a strong body that allows me to serve! Thank you for all my rewards here on earth, but most importantly thank you for my Salvation through Jesus Christ!”



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  1. JOHN-WESLEY REED, I am so gratefully blessed by your commitment to personal growth. You inspire all of us. This is what I observe in you (1) FATHER GOD, JESUS, and HOLY SPIRIT are your FIRST LOVE. (2) You love your wife as Christ loved the church. You died at the moment you said your wedding vows, and you were re-born to support her to fulfill her giftings and HIGH calling. (3) You have a career that provides security; you create time, thoughts and actions that show her she is cherished; you demonstrate to her that she is important.
    You are a great “show and tell” for OUR GOD. I am grateful !

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