The 3 Most Inspiring Things I’ve Learned This Week. (Week 5)

1. In an extensive study of elective surgeries (asthma, obesity, Parkinson’s disease, acid reflux and back pain) it was found that more than 50% of the time, people would have had at least a good an outcome if they experienced fake surgery instead of the real kind.  “Just the belief of getting better, had the same outcome as the surgery to get them better. What are you believing?”



-Pastor Kris Vallotton


3. According to a Harvard study, your odds of being happy increase by 15% if a direct connection in your core group of friends is happy. And  if a friend of your direct connection is happy, the odds of you being happy increase by 10%, even if you don’t know or interact with this second hand connection.                                                               “Are you spending time with happy people or negative people?



“Thank you God for continued learning, and an abundance of teachers in my life!”



  1. Can I have the reference to the Harvard study?

    Becky Sherwin, PT, COMT Melanie Massey Physical Therapy 318-396-1969 “Joyfully use your gifts to brighten the lives of others.”

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