Unaltered Joy


Through my job, I am provided the opportunity to work with many young adults who have disabilities. They have provided me a very special perspective. Many have severe impairments, which leave them unable to move their arms and legs, talk, or even hold their head up. Despite their impairments and varying levels of abilities, they have all made the same decision. Choose joy!

These young adults are some of the happiest people I’ve ever spent time around. Despite lacking many, if not nearly all of their motor skills, they are extremely grateful for everything. They seem to light up at everyone who enters the PT gym. They are so excited, and they don’t want to miss a thing, carefully examining the room and trying to tune in to every conversation with a smile. Many of them scream out with joy at just being spoken to like a young adult should be, as opposed to “baby talk”.

They are happy and grateful just as God created us to be; how we would be if we did not allow the world to convince us otherwise. You see, everyone “thinks” my friends cannot understand them. So no one has ever told these friends of mine that the world is bad, like you and I are forced to hear. People make the assumption they do not understand, so they never have to hear, “The economy is terrible and you can’t get ahead.” “President Obama has ruined healthcare.” “You need a super high paying job to be happy.” “Your acne is uncool.” “You need the newest style outfit to fit in”. They don’t hear the bad news, they only hear love, from what is sadly a small group of people who invest in them.


In this particular instance I envy them. They have the pure minds God intended for us to have. They see the world through grateful eyes, not with the “more,more,more” mindset forced on you and me.  Maybe we are the ones with the cognitive impairments, and my friends have it figured out?

If you choose to only speak negativity and about how horrible things are or how hard it is to get ahead, then from this point forward, I hope that you will approach me with the same ignorance you approach my friends; with the thought that I am unable to comprehend it. I refuse to let my thoughts be negatively altered, as I know Your thoughts become your reality! I choose to follow their lead. I choose joy!



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