The 3 Most Inspiring Things I’ve Learned This Week. (Week 6)

1. Before Satan was condemned to hell, he was known as Lucifer in heaven. The Hebrew meaning  of Lucifer is “light bringing.” Lucifer’s role in heaven was to “shine the light of God.” As he improved at his role, he began to crave the attention and eventually began to think of himself as God, as opposed to his “light.” This led to his mandatory exit from the kingdom. Matthew 5:14 says “We are the light of the world!” So why does the devil hate us? WE STOLE THAT MAN’S JOB!

not sorry



Melanie Massey painted the Zig Ziglar quote for me this week, probably as a friendly reminder to turn my “competition” down. This is a lesson I wish I had learned a long time ago. I used to hoard information to try to give myself an edge. There is limitless success out there, and I have recently learned when you give some away, you will receive much more in return.


3. I was listening to a pastor before work, and I loved an analogy he gave. He was being harassed by the devil, so he pulled up two chairs, made them face one another , and said, “Devil, sit down! I am about to worship God and you are about to sit there and watch me!” I LOVE THIS!



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