A God Inspired Idea

IMG_2530The owner of the physical therapy clinic I work at, Melanie Massey, often mentions the principle of a God inspired idea. She throws a lot of challenging suggestions at us, but this is one of my favorites. It is the thought that, when an idea comes to you, that is greater than something you feel you can complete, it was sent to you by God!

I have been fortunate to receive a few of these ideas over the years, and I have learned one big lesson. God’s plan for you is not limited to your current skills and capabilities! What talents do you have? What are you better at than most of your friends? What do you really want in life? Tell the universe what you want! And then, allow God to maximize it!


I’ve always told the universe that I wanted to make a significant impact. I was unaware that it was listening back then, but that is a blog for another day! I wanted to make a huge difference in people’s lives, likely back then because I wanted to feed my ego. My plan was to get my physical therapy assistant degree and make a huge “splash” with athletes by firing them up and getting them back on the field quicker, stronger, and better. That was until I was sent a God inspired idea!

It was 2012, and the universe was delivering! My thoughts were becoming things. I was in clinicals and planned to graduate in a few months and find me some athletes! We were learning about a condition called hypotonia, which is essentially just low muscle tone, and a little girl named Tabitha came as a demo. She had a condition called Phelan Mcdermid, which presents similar to a severe form of autism (to greatly oversimplify). The child was beautiful, and I just wanted to go over there and pick her up and love on her. Her mother picked up on it and said, “John-Wesley, you can pick her up!” The rest was history. My next rotation was moved to a pediatric clinic that I’m fortunate to still be employed at today! God sent me an inspired idea in the form of Tabitha.


As I’ve grown, I have become more aware of what we think about becomes our reality. I believe God has built the universe to deliver anything we hope for that is good as long as we believe! I have an activity I often do to help make the most of this. I write “I am so happy and grateful that….” filled in with what it is that I want to manifest. I write it as if it is already done! In May of this year I wrote “I am so happy and grateful that I am inspiring others to reach their highest potential and grow closer to God!” My hopes when I wrote this were that I could manifest the words and wisdom that would inspire the six people on our pediatric team, and ultimately improve our patient outcomes and work environment. A couple of weeks later I was mowing the grass and BOOM, I was hit with a God inspired idea which was to write a blog! What were my hopes to manifest inspiration for six people has now been read by 6,000.

I laughed when I had this idea. Prior to this, I was unable to spell correctly most of the time or even use proper grammar. I had to have all my medical letters proofread before I could send them to insurance agencies. It’s the same story with my job in pediatrics. Prior to the God inspired idea that was Tabitha, I was a violent cage fighter who went clubbing all night a few times a week. God does not care about your current situation! He only cares that you will trust him to maximize it!


The Bible gives us a great example of this. Saul of Taurus was extremely influential, he hated Christians, and was ordering their deaths! God saw his talent (influence) and sent him a God inspired idea. The Christian persecutor Saul later became known as the apostle Paul, one of the greatest missionaries, spreading the word of Jesus Christ! You are not limited by your current situation!

What talents do you currently have? What do you really want to do with these? What is your dream? Tell the universe! It will deliver! But, allow God to maximize it! If you have an idea you know you cannot do alone, be grateful! God sent it!

“Thank you God for Ideas that are greater than my current capacity! Thank you for Children like Tabitha who inspire us for greater things! Thank you for not limiting me to my current situation and skill set!”

To learn more about the 1400 affected worldwide with Tabithas condition check out: www.22q13.org

Also, I am shaving my head to raise money for childhood cancer research. To donate to team Lakelyn check out the link below: https://www.stbaldricks.org/participants/mypage/933462/2017


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