Everything You Want Is Already Here!

What are your goals? This doesn’t have to be as complex as something you wrote down on January 1st. But, if you take the time to think, what are you really working towards? What do you want? You only see, experience, and get what you are looking for. If your mind doesn’t know what to look for, you certainly will not get it.

Your mind tries to align the outer world with what you are looking for and expecting in your inner world. When you set goals, you instruct your brain to look for the things you want, and you begin to see them. In fact, whatever it is that you desire has always existed all around you, but your mind and eyes were not open to it. Both science and theology state, “Nothing is created or destroyed.” If nothing is created or destroyed, then everything you want is already here! You just have to go get it.

We are surrounded by billions of sound, visual and physical messages every single day. To keep us moving and working efficiently, our brain ignores 99% of them. You only really see, hear, or experience those you focus your mind on. Good or bad. Whatever your mind is thinking on the inside is what it will pay attention to on the outside.

Have you ever been in the market for a new vehicle? You decide what kind of car you want and then you notice you begin to see that exact make and model of car everywhere you go. It seems like they are at every stop sign all of a sudden. They have been there all along! You just hadn’t instructed your mind to look for them, thus they didn’t “exist.”

When you define what you want, whether it be a new car or career advancement, you give your brain something to look for. It will begin to bring to your awareness all of the people, circumstances, conversations, ideas, resources, etc. that you need to make it happen.  It seems supernatural, but I know the guy who created it!

There are three types of goals our mind pursues–A, B and C type goals. I will give examples in my therapy world, but you can apply them to anything.

A type goals are going after what you already know how to do. This is the type of goal most of us limit ourselves to. An example of an A type goal is “I will get all my patients started on time, provide good care and complete timely documentation in 2017!” BORING! Yet relevant and effective.

B type goals are going after what you think you can do. An example of a B type goal is “I will work hard to become one of the best therapists in the area, which will grow my caseload and increase my income!” A little less boring, but still pretty limiting when compared to what we are capable of. Many of us never allow our brains to even go here.

C type goals are going after what you really want! You have no idea how you will get it, but you know you will! An example of a C type goal is “I will come up with a treatment strategy that will revolutionize therapy, and it will greatly improve outcomes for all patients with neurological conditions!”

Very, very few of us allow our brains to even think C type goals. We have been conditioned by the world that “it is too difficult,” “don’t take risks,” “that program is too competitive,” “someone has already done that better,” “it is too expensive to get that degree,” “we aren’t smart enough” etc. So we minimize ourselves to what is socially acceptable and is a high percentage play. This is not what the mind God gifted us is intended to do! God wants us pursuing C type goals; he wants us to have true joy.

If you don’t believe me that God created us to desire these BIG things, then spend some time with a child that hasn’t been here long enough to hear the voice of the majority. Ask them what they want to do when they grow up. There ideas are not limited to difficulty of schooling or price of education or competitiveness of the program. They certainly aren’t limited to what is a safe play.  The world has not brainwashed them yet! They want to be doctors, and veterinarians. They want to be pro athletes or own their own big truck business. My son wants to be a paleontologist. (He’s three and REALLY loves dinosaurs!)


Eventually the world gets a hold of them and tells them what they can and can’t do, and they minimize themselves to a low risk, low enjoyment, high percentage play in life! WHAT A DAMN SHAME!!!!!! Please do not let me catch you telling my children what they are limited to!

Once the world conditions our brains what to look for, it is all we see. Unfortunately, a large portion of the world has us looking for hate, scarcity, and lack of enjoyment! Do not let the world brainwash you to only search for high percentage plays! Have a child-like mindset and go after whatever you want! We are only here a very short time, so why spend it following the unsuccessful, miserable majority?!

Let us all have a child-like mindset: A pure mind that searches for enjoyment and the things we really want! Let us not have limiting beliefs! Let’s use the superpower that is the mind God has gifted us!


“Thank you God for the mind you have gifted me! Please help me to use it to the full potential you intended me to! Help me to empower my children to a limitless mindset!”



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